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Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy from Amazon directly?

No, you pay the same price whether you go to Amazon or Half directly or through Try it, you'll see.

Is it safe to buy online?

Yes. You are going through or, which are a reputable companies. Amazon has an A-to-Z guarantee, which ensures that you get the right book and right condition that you expected.

Are these the same books as the campus bookstore?

Yes! As long as the seller is giving you the right edition, the book will be the same as the campus bookstore's. Check out the book buying guide for more tips.

How do I know that these are the books I need?

The book titles given on come from the same source that the campus bookstore uses. However, some books that aren't available on Amazon or are custom or special editions also may not be available on Amazon.

Why is buying online so much cheaper?

The campus bookstores are making a boatload of money. They pay you next to nothing for your books, then turn around and sell them for a ton. Buying online cuts out the bookstore middle man.

How do the books get to me?

Books will be shipped to your address, usually US Mail or UPS.

How long will it take to get my book?

Order your books at least a week ahead of classes starting (click here to sign up for us to remind you!). You'll get better deals and cheaper shipping! Amazon has two ways to ship textbooks purchased though their marketplace. Expedited shipping is 2-6 business days and costs $6.99 (but if you're saving $50 on the book, it's worth it!). Standard shipping is 4-14 business days and costs $3.99. Total time depends on when the seller ships the product (they must ship within two days) and how close the shipper is to you. Or, just order the books right before classes start, save your money, and the books show up in time for your 2nd class.

Can I compare books with other sites?

Not at this point. However, there usually isn't a big difference between sites.

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